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Grout Cleaning Perth’s shower regrout is a process that we offer to most clients this service will refresh the look of your shower aswell as seal it. Grout Cleaning Perths products enhances grout durability & flexibility leaving it waterproof for years to come.

Cracked or Deteriorated Grout that is crumbling must be repaired. Grout in between tiles holds them and is also a huge part to sealing the tiles. Leaking Showers detected these days are mostly treated as a plumbing issue when it is not always the case. Deteriorated Grout and Grout breakdown between tiles can really damage external walls by creating a huge amount of Mildew & Mould to your home. This mould can definitely result to further health issues in the new coming years.

If you think your shower are leaking or showing signs of damaged grout & walls – Click the link below for a FREE Quote or Inspection


Common Signs of a Leaking Shower

Bubbling/Flaking paint

Visible gaps in Wall and Floor Joints

Missing Wall or Floor Grout

Cracked Tiles

Discoloured Grout or Tiles in or around the shower

Black & Dirty Mouldy silicone

Swollen Skirting boards, Floor boards

Rusted Out Door Frames

Watermarks on ceilings

Damp Carpet

10 Year Product Warranty

Our Products


Ultra Flex Wall and Floor grouting compound which is specially designed for Showers that have deteriorated grout, mould issues and homes with structural movement.  

  • Water repellent due to special hydrophobing agent
  • Dirt resistant – longer lasting new look, as dirt is unable to enter grout
  • Contains Grout Shield to combat mould growth
  • Walk on after 24 hours







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Grout Cleaning Perth was very prompt when dealing with my initial enquiry. I had my shower regrouted, tiles cleaned in bathroom and splashback in kitchen and they now look brand new! A job we were putting off doing as we thought it would be expensive but Grout Cleaning Perth is such great value. Luke has good attention to detail and knows what he’s talking about! Overall, fantastic value, very efficient, professional and easy going. Would highly recommend this family business.


Jade Illiano-Smith: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

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